How To Download And Install A Website From the Wayback Machine

NOTE: Your files will only work when you upload them to a web server. We create a file called .htaccess so that all pages are accesible on their original URL. This file does not work on your local computer, which is why it may look as if only the front page of your website works. Follow the guide below and you will see a fully working website:

  • 1. Fill in the URL in our tool and wait for the ZIP file to be sent to your email address
  • 2. Download the ZIP file to your computer.
  • 3. Buy hosting for your domain or create an add-on domain, if you already have a hosting package
  • 4. Go to Cpanel --> File Manager. Go to the root folder of your domain that normally contains the index.html of your website. If you are using an add-on domain, then this folder was automatically created. You can normally view the folder under in public_html
  • 5. Upload the zip file.
  • 6. Left click on the ZIP file and then click "Extract"
  • 7. Your website should now work!

If your website doesn't work...

If your website doesn't work, then make sure that your name servers are pointing to your web host. You can change them at your domain registrar. If you bought your domain and hosting from the same company, then your name servers are probably already configured correctly.

If your website does not work on a local machine, then this is normal. We we redirect URLs with .htaccess and this file only works on Apache web servers. If you want to make your website work on your local machine (or Windows IIS), then ask us and we can do this for an extra €15. Please note that the files will then not work on an Apache web server.

If you need further installation assistance, then send €15 to Paypal address After this you can contact us with your cPanel details and we will install the website for you.