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When you claim somebody else’s work as your own, you are a plagiarist. It can be unintentional, it can even be done with respect or love for the original creator’s work, but the fact remains that it simply isn’t yours. To combat this, an entire industry of plagiarism website checker and plagiarism websites have popped up to allow you to not only run a plagiarism detector on your own work for unintentional plagiarism, but to run these plagiarism tests on other people’s content too.

We will scrape your website for pages with plagiarized content, that is available elsewhere on the internet. The free version has a limit of 3 pages per domain.

You can fill in a domain, subdomain or a subfolder. We will check the corresponding page for duplicate content and check all other pages in the same folder.

Plagiarism, for students or academics, is a serious issue. Anyone who will have been to university or college will know that the shadow of plagiarism hangs heavily over anybody who so much as misspells an author’s name in a Harvard Reference. While many will be confident that the work they have produced is one hundred percent original content, it never hurts to head over to a plagiarism website and run a free online plagiarism scanner with percentage for your peace of mind.

Why you need an online plagiarism checker with a percentage

We live in a world where web applications have largely replaced standalone software. With an online plagiarism scanner you don’t have to install software on your own computer, which might includes malware or slows down your computer.

You need a plagiarism checker with a percentage, because you need to know exactly which parts of the document are plagiarized. Sometimes a quote can be a deliberate form of plagism; sometimes your website’s CMS has some default text in the footer or comment section. You need to know exactly what percentage is duplicate content that is indexed elsewhere.

Google ‘plagiarism checker’ and you will find a dozen sites listed as the ‘best plagiarism checker’ or even ‘best free plagiarism checker’. Mostly created for students, a plagiarism detector will scan through your text and perform a free plagiarism detection check for unique content. The plagiarism checker percentage that appears will reveal how much of the text has been directly lifted from its database of internet resources, past academic work and published journals.

Unique content checker tools such as this has changed the face of academic study and publishing. Before you could just head over to a website to check for plagiarism, I dread to think how many man hours were wasted by academics pouring over essays and published material as a crude form of plagiarism test.

You might be most familiar with Turnitin, which provides a unique content checker and is regarded as one of the best plagiarism checker websites out there. Trusted across the board in academic circles, many universities and colleges will use this advanced plagiarism checker to perform a plagiarism test on the material, running it against its database to provide feedback and creative tools to both the student and the marking body, with the results forming a plagiarism scanner percentage that will reveal the extent of the student’s unique content.

However, while Turnitin is considered one of the best plagiarism checker tools out there, there are many other plagiarism tools that may act as a Turnitin alternative. One such plagiarism website that would work as a Turnitin alternative is Viper, which bills itself as a free advanced plagiarism scanner for students with tools that grant the person using the plagiarism detector to compare the document that has undergone the plagiarism test with the source of the supposedly stolen information, as well as the option to resubmit any tested work as many times as you like.

Another Turnitin alternative that promises to be a free online plagiarism checker with a percentage score is PaperRator that not only offers free plagiarism detection, but a full analysis and proofreader breakdown that checks against style, sentence length and grammar checks. Forgetting students for a moment, these are hugely valuable tools for improving your SEO score and ultimately, a better writer.

Grammarly, too, provides an advanced plagiarism checker that operates beyond a simple website to check for plagiarism. An advanced plagiarism checker trusted by a number of prestigious US Universities, Grammarly boasts automated proofreading tools and will check plagiarism online through a simple copy and paste box, though many of these features are only available if you were to purchase the premium version and not the in-built free plagiarism detection.

Another exceptionally advanced plagiarism checker that would work well as a Turnitin alternative is Unplag, which offers both a free online plagiarism checker for students and a premium, more specialised plagiarism detector and unique content checker. It aims to work across the board, with a free plagiarism checker for students that is able to check up to 5 papers online simultaneously from your own library, as well as performing the plagiarism checker online free with percentage. With the additional plagiarism tool for educators and writing professionals, Unplag has to be one of the first plagiarism check websites that you simply need to visit.

To find a effective, and more importantly, free plagiarism checker for students, it won’t take you long to find an extensive list of plagiarism check websites promising to run free plagiarism detection tools. However, if you’re looking for an advanced plagiarism checker to check plagiarism online and with the increased range and scope of a premium plagiarism tool, you’re going to want to look into the products that come with a cost.

Copyscape Premium is one such example of an advanced plagiarism checker that will perform the plagiarism test online. Not only will does it provide a plagiarism checker percentage, but will scour your own site before searching the web for other sites that may have stolen your intellectual property and published it elsewhere. To not respond to the results of this plagiarism test is to invite others to steal from you, while also spoiling your site’s SEO score and may also result in your work being flagged up in someone else’s plagiarism detector!

While I’m on the subject, Copyscape is one of many examples of a plagiarism website checker, in that, rather than performing a plagiarism test on a piece of text, you will instead be looking for a plagiarism checker percentage on an entire website. You might not even be aware that you could check plagiarism online for an entire website – or even that people would try and steal a website for themselves in the first place! Apparently it can be quite tempting for the unscrupulous out there to improve their SEO scores by simply ripping content straight out of the proverbial horse’s mouth.

Of course, Copyscape isn’t the only option out there for this sort of service. One such Copyscape alternative is CopyGator, which has a great little plagiarism tool included that will run a free plagiarism detection service that monitors a user’s RSS feed, alerting them when another site has failed the plagiarism test, which is most likely to have happened when they have stolen your content.

Another Copyscape alternative that works as a plagiarism website checker is Plagium. This Plagiarism website offers an exceptional service that will, like many others, provide a plagiarism checker online by percentage but for a number of small fees (measured in cents), you will be able to run an advanced plagiarism checker without having to sign yourself up to a costly premium service on a plagiarism website. You will also be able to run this unique content checker on uploaded files, giving you the freedom to quickly have a plagiarism checker percentage for larger files bodies of work that may not be online.

One thing to bear in mind when considering a plagiarism check website for your needs is to find a site that will also check plagiarism online on the very platform most plagiarists will have used to find the stolen work in the first place – Google. With SEO being public knowledge for so long, it is no secret that many out there will try to abuse the system for their own ends. If you are using a plagiarism website that is running a plagiarism test on websites – but not also including a Google plagiarism checker at the same time, you’re going to be in trouble.

SEO Tool Station is a website that specializes on running a Google plagiarism checker and should certainly be considered when considering a plagiarism check website. A Google plagiarism checker is also vital if you plan on using the thoroughly underrepresented Google Scholar, which refers its users to published journals and academic papers – and thus, a goldmine for anybody who may be planning to provide some not so original content.

So, then, what is the best free plagiarism checker out there? It really depends on the scope and quality of the work you wish to be using your plagiarism detector on. Your best plagiarism scanner may well be the cheapest, or the easiest to use. A free plagiarism checker for students is a vital tool in preserving their academic credentials, regardless of how impressive the website is. An option for professionals should include news articles and should provide a more advanced plagiarism checker. Educational facilities should really aim to find the best plagiarism checker within their budget, but the point is this: There are enough plagiarism check websites out there for everyone. You just need to find a good one and stick to it, much like a relationship, restaurant or public convenience.